HBS Club of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)

Crossroads is the flagship conference of the HBS Club of the GCC bringing together HBS alumni and thought leaders from across the region in a unique two-day conference with panel discussions and workshops.

Theme: Innovation

As our world continues to transform, we call on the HBS alumni, regional and global leaders to come together and share how reviving, reinventing, and driving the speed of innovation are key to building for the future to thrive. Through a two-day event entailing a series of panels, speakers, and workshops, we will share and discuss the transformation GCC leaders are driving, the digital economy, sustainability, and post-pandemic realities and way forward. The objective of the event is to deliver an experience where the HBS alumni come together to discuss the theme of innovation through the event format and develop sector-led initiatives that deliver value to the industry and target audience they will select.
The Majlis initiative brings our the HBS alumni together for networking knowledge sharing, impact and innovation and finding solutions to key challenges in the GCC. This is conducted through a series of events which covers key sector topics with industry experts to learn and find solutions to come of the regions most pressing challenges. Majlis provides the opportunity for our alumni to connect with various business leaders from the region, share knowledge and gain fresh perspectives of current topics.


Targeted at the Alumni to endorse continuous development and network, through fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and networking within the group.

An internship program for youth aged 14-17 years in to develop and learn key skills to support their pathway to the private sector.


To develop a competitive youth internship program that will equip youth with the skills needed to enter the workforce, it will also provide hands on experience in the workplace. The program is designed to give students the opportunity to network in their chosen field and gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities available to them.
The HBS Club of the GCC hosts a series of Think Tank discussions with high profile leaders from across the GCC. The events will be in partnership with or supported by the HBS GCC alumni Club every quarter.


Our mission is to improve the practice of leadership and management in the changing world. This event series will leverage Harvard Business Publishing’s insights and ideas to address the most pressing regional challenges and bring together some of the best minds from across HBP, HBS, HBS alumni and our GCC partners; to facilitate discussion, debate and discover ways of solving some of these challenges.
The Athar initiative conducts quarterly gatherings with intimate discussions on key focus areas, National Talent, Sustainability, Food security and Health. Each topic will host key speakers, who aim to inspire, teach and guide best practices across all industries. Order of locations for workshops: Dubai, KSA, Doha and Bahrain.

Objective of Workshops

Workshop One: Reconfirm projects per topic and re-engage with teams

Workshop Two: Development of projects’ work

Workshop Three: Results of projects discussed

Workshop Four: Preparation for showcase in Crossroads 2023